A couple relationship check is useful when you can no longer cope with the challenges in your relationship. Topics can be:


  • recurring arguments, misunderstandings and accusations
  • a third party in your partnership
  • different sexual needs
  • flattening of feelings and an emotional distance from each other
  • doubts about the partnership or your love for each other
  • emotional injuries from the past
  • jealousy, mistrust or lack of openness and lies
  • giving and taking in your relationship are imbalanced
  • you have separation thoughts or concrete separation intentions
  • your communication is difficult or develops into speechlessness
  • problems after the birth of your child, differences in child rearing
  • difficulties in the patchwork family
  • a one-sided desire to have children
  • stress caused by close relatives
  • the consequences of retirement and retirement
  • stress factors such as alcohol or illness.


In the process we look especially at the deep, often unconscious patterns that have an influence on your partnership. Through the emerging awareness these patterns  lose their power and more depth, growth and clarity will develop.


Sessions are possible via video or in presence.